Bono Massimo


In quale ambito ti piacerebbe approfondire gli studi per la tua carriera professionale?

I have several interests related to computer science. My main focus is on artificial intelligence: in particular I'd love to research path planning problems and temporal reasoning. Programming languages pique my attention as well: Compilers design and construction is always a fascinating area to explore. I'm interested in video game design too: if possible, I'd love to deepen my knowledge in game design and management.

Oltre allo studio, quali sono le tue passioni?

I don't have something to be called hobby, but I don't mind cooking or trekking: right now, I'm developing new quick but tasty pasta recipes.

Innovazione o Ricerca: hai 100 ore, cosa scegli?

It's a difficult choice because both of them have their appeals. I would probably pick up research: while innovation is great to build something that can be quickly used, research has that strong romantic feeling to contribute to humanity global knowledge

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