2017 November, 30 Thursday 18:32

During the open day, the artificial intelligence research group usually exposes the planner developed. Usually the planner solves some PDDL problems, like rovers or blockworlds.

It would be awesome to have a GUI (made in Unity or in Unreal Engine) capable of showing the plan in action.

2017 November, 23 Thursday 21:37

Luca Putelli, new Phd student in the Artificial Intelligence group, is exposing a NPL seminar on December the first. Natural Language Processing (NPL) is a fascinating area of Artifical Intelligence. More infos in the article

2017 November, 5 Sunday 10:35

Members of STB1019 often creates custom presentations showcasing what they have achieved in their projects. Up until now style was left to the writer of the presentation, but it would be great to have a common Latex style every member can use to write their presentation on.

This small utility project aims to do so.

2017 October, 16 Monday 17:40

What are the benefits of becoming part of an international organization among the most active and professional in the IT world, such as IEEE? One of the most useful initiatives is certainly the Young Professionals Program, which allows young graduates to become part of a community designed specifically for them and for their professional growth.

2017 October, 10 Tuesday 12:22

2017 July, 11 Tuesday 12:01

2017 July, 10 Monday 12:13