2017 October, 10 Tuesday 12:22

We're terminating CrashC first development cycle. It's time to announce the actual release date of the 1.0 version


After summer break, CrashC team started coding again. I thought we could release the first version by the end of the summer, but our programmers were heavily focus taking university exams. Now, we're ready to annouce a clear release date for CrashC 1.0.


The first version should be release November, 1st 2017. The first version will include full support of TESTCASE / WHEN / THEN test directive with some additional feature:

  • full support of tags (both include tags and exclude tags);
  • default main program with CLI support;
  • limited support to signal handling;
  • limited support for a brief reporting;


After this release, our team has already defined some additional feature to include in the release 1.2. Stay tuned for additional info!


As per usual you can follow the whole project in gituhub CrashC repository.