2017 November, 5 Sunday 10:35

Members of STB1019 often creates custom presentations showcasing what they have achieved in their projects. Up until now style was left to the writer of the presentation, but it would be great to have a common Latex style every member can use to write their presentation on.

This small utility project aims to do so.


We want to create a Latex beamer presentation style. The following are the prerequisites:

  1. Know Latex exists;
  2. Basic programming language knowledge (what is a source code, loops, counters, conditionals);
  3. Desire to explore commonly unknown parts of Latex;
  4. Knowledge on how to perform searches on the internet (do I know google can probably answer my questions?)
  5. English skills: discrete writing and good reading (if you're reading this you probably already have such skills);

The objective is to create a beamer presentation style. Beamer is just a Latex package allowing one to create presentations with latex. A presentation style a file that autoamtically manage how to code written in latex will appear in the slides.

The template output we have in mind is the following one:

  • a top bar showcasing what section the audience is looking at;
  • a bottom bar showin the STB1019 logo, the IEEE logo, the name of the presentation, the name of the IEEE member exposing the presentation, the date and the slide number.
  • A customized title slide for the presentation;

Of course this is only an idea of the template. If you feel like it's horrible, you are free to change it!

If you're interested in this small project, please contact Rossi Andrea or Bono Massimo.