2018 January, 4 Thursday 10:12

This little project is aimed to generate knowledge about building automated chat bots with IBM's Watson APIs

The objective of this project is to design and develop a student branch chat bot that will reply to the users regarding the following topics:

  1. When will be the next meeting;
  2. What are the commitees?
  3. Who are the people in the executive committee?
  4. How can I join the IEEE?
  5. How the student branch is structured?

And stuff like this. If you're really into it, please contact Bono Massimo.

This project will likely to involve:

  1. learn how to use RedNode (an IBM graphic programming language);
  2. learn how to create a bot in telegram;
  3. learn to send/receive json in RedNode;
  4. learn how works bluemix, the frontend of Watson APIs;
  5. read a lot of bluemix/rednode documentation;


  • Basic knowledge of some TLC concepts, like IPs, ports, protocols, internet communications;
  • How is structured a JSON;
  • A telegram account;
  • A device that can run telgram (e.g. mobile phone or computer);
  • being interested in the project;
  • accept to learn new weird technologies;
  • know how to google things (sound obvious, but it's really not);