Data Log

Attività dello Student Branch, dei singoli soci, novità dall'IEEE, dalla Seciont Italy, Region 8 e considerazioni in merito ad articoli e paper letti (o scritti) dai soci del Branch. 

2018 June, 22 Friday 11:23

Torna l'attività di coding e sfida estiva!

Scopri la proposta del Branch per tutti gli studenti dell'ateneo: 5 giorni di programmazione in C!

2018 April, 23 Monday 16:13

GaSP (acronym for GAme Student Project) is a project that aims to build a videogame using the Unity3D game engine. The game wants to be a 2D platformer with a minimalistic art style and with time rewind mechanics.

2017 November, 23 Thursday 21:37

Luca Putelli, new Phd student in the Artificial Intelligence group, is exposing a NPL seminar on December the first. Natural Language Processing (NPL) is a fascinating area of Artifical Intelligence. More infos in the article

2017 October, 16 Monday 17:40

What are the benefits of becoming part of an international organization among the most active and professional in the IT world, such as IEEE? One of the most useful initiatives is certainly the Young Professionals Program, which allows young graduates to become part of a community designed specifically for them and for their professional growth.