2017 October, 16 Monday 17:40

What are the benefits of becoming part of an international organization among the most active and professional in the IT world, such as IEEE? One of the most useful initiatives is certainly the Young Professionals Program, which allows young graduates to become part of a community designed specifically for them and for their professional growth.

The IEEE Young Professionals is an international community of young graduates, ambitious and innovative, whose goal is to improve their image in the field of work, knowing new professional realities and expanding their network of contacts in their own field, thanks to the continuous exchange of information, tips and experiences. This allows them to build their foundations for a professional and promising career.

The potentials of this community are many and different, considering that IEEE has more than 400,000 members distributed across more than 160 countries around the world.

The Young Professionals program has been improved over time: it is in effect the "2.0" version of the previous GOLD (Graduates of Last Decade) group, which is replacing optimally since January 1, 2014. The most significant improvement was the extension of the period when a graduate may join the community, from 10 years (who gave the group name) to 15 years after graduation. The increase of this period has been established to allow students to attend the initiative even if they want to offer military service and / or continuing their studies.

Membership to the community is therefore free of charge for IEEE members who have completed the first university degree in the 15 years before the subscription and is Opt-in (Option-in): the communications will only be sent to those who has previously expressed their consent to receive them.

The membership can be subscribed to the following link: of course you can only become part of it if you are an IEEE member.

The affiliation with the Young Professionals program provides many benefits including:

  • Access to IEEE resources aimed at professional growth (via Opt-in newsletters, as described above).
  • Access to a portal hosted by IEEE for on-line job search.
  • Possibility to attend online seminars (called "Webinars"), held by professionals and aimed at helping graduates to acquire specific skills and awareness of the world of work.
  • Opportunity to be part of a professional networking: a network where anyone can provide or receive information, through discussions from which other contacts can be created and relationships can be cultivated.
  • "Peer connection": mening the possibility of having a direct communication channel between peers from all over the world. This involves awareness of the world of work both inside and outside your country, recognizing the advantages and / or disadvantages that a particular job can cause.
  • Local technical and social activities: anyone who is part of the Young Professionals community can organize a peer or student meeting to have a direct communication channel for exchanging ideas and informations (it is known that the most effective way to create a "network "is the direct and visual contact, even if web messages and phone calls are also very important). By requesting the IEEE you can also receive funds from the organization to organize a well structured and constructive meeting. Particular attention should be paid to the Student Transition and Elevation Partnership (STEP): an event that has to be organized by Young Professionals in association with a local Student Branch. Initiatives can be the most original and there is the possibility to ask the organization for funding, up to $ 500 a year.
  • Opportunities to develop your skills: it is a direct consequence of the previous points that all these opportunities do nothing but improve the professional characteristics of individual graduates participating in the various activities, through a continuous comparison with both peers and real professionals.

Even if it's not a problem (see globalization), it is worth pointing out that most of these initiatives are (and born) in the United States, where IEEE is located.

Being the IEEE Student Branch of Brescia, we aim to reach the mentality that more "old" and consolidated Student Branches in the world own, by encouraging the professional growth of students and graduates in order to make Italy (starting from our province) an even more advanced country in the formation and orientation of talented young people who can make the difference in the IT world.