JAM 2K18

2017 September, 4 Monday 13:41

Meeting 31/08/2017

In the following article, I will revivew the themes discussed in the previous meeting. The focus of such meeting was that to design the algorithm laying out the logic and the qualitas connections of the props added in a room

2017 July, 11 Tuesday 22:55

Meeting 6/7/2017 summary review

The following summarizes the JAM2018 meeting of today. Please read it carefully! 

2017 July, 11 Tuesday 12:01


 JAM 2018  project aims to design and develop a game that will be showcased in Milan JAM 2018 @ Politecnico di Milano. The game will simply be shown before the actual competition. Project members will then individually decide wether or not join the actual JAM competition.