2018 February, 5 Monday 11:06

The new year starts exceptionally well with the second edition of our Skull of Summer! The Skull of Summer is an awesome event where you can test your skill in learning and fast developing with C!

Want to know more? Take your seat here, it's Free!

Last year we had our first Skull of Summer, where a couple of brave students came (in the middle of the summer!) to University to attend to the event!

By partecipating to the Skull of Summer (Winter Edition!) you will develop (and develop fast!) C code. In its simplest forms, C is really easy to understand but... do you know every corner of the language?

Are you confortable in writing exceptionally long and complex macros?

Have you sworn your word on the restrict contract?

Do you know how to correctly detect the infamous memory leaks?

If all such matters intrigue you, the Skull may be the best opportunity to learn them!

The Skull is a week long event: in the first day we will show you some neat corner of the language (and the environment) you might not know; this is a frontal display that last a full day. In the morning of the second day, you will form groups with the other participants and then you will be assigned a project: your mission is to test your C knowledge by completing the project you have been assigned to. The project development last the remainder of the week. In the late afternoon of the last day, you will have to show what you have accomplished during the week: this means you might want to:

  • display the awesomeness of your code!
  • show some neat trick you've used in the source code!
  • How you have gratiosuly printed your output program!

It's important to understand that the Skull is not a course about C: if you join the Skull, you are expected to know the basics of the C language.


Ok, what if you want to partecipate? To partecipate you need to fill this (very very simple!) form; after that you need to come to the Skull of Summer event:

  • When: 12/02/2018 till 16/02/2018 (San Faustino day excluded), from 9:00AM till 18:00PM; 
  • Where: TB room, Via Branze 38, Università degli Studi di Brescia;
  • How: fill this form;
  • What: discover some neat tricks of C;
  • Why: because it's outrageously fun!
  • Tools: check this guide

Official slides available at https://github.com/STB1019/SkullOfSummer/wiki;

Need more information? Contact us by: