2018 February, 2 Friday 13:51

Some members of the Student Branch of Brescia joined the Sumo Robot Competition last year (September 2017). They did a fine job with the first version of the software commanding the robot, but maybe this time we can achieve better!


The objective of this project is to build 2 softwares.

The first program is a software capable of reading a neural network training output that can be used to command the Sumo Robot the Student Branch currently has. This software is expected to run on a small device (programming similar to Arduino).

The second software is a program implementing a simulator of a sumo robotic match between 2 totally simulated robots. The objective is to use this program to train a neural network. Such neural network will be then used on the real robot during the competition.

What is requested from you:

  1. C programming level (C++ is certainly a plus but it's not required): an intermediate level. You need to know the pointers, structure and maybe macro programming. You should be confortable with C toolchain (gcc, make, shared libraries);
  2. Experience with git and github;
  3. to want to learn stuff (possibly complex): for instance the neural networks;
  4. Be prepared to search a lot of stuff by your own;

What you will learn:

  1. You will get some heavy knowledge about C or in whatever other language we might choose in order to create the simulator;
  2. You will informally learn the absolute rudimentals about neural networks (This is not a course about neural networks in any ways!);
  3. You will gain knowledge about possibly new frameworks for learning algorithms (maybe in python?);
  4. Fun garantueed;
  5. If the project is completed on time, you'll get a chance of partecipating to the Sumo Robot Competition of the Rowan Univerisity!

I think we may use the basic (more simplicistic) neural network structure, nothing too big.

If you're interested, please contact Bono Massimo or Rossi Andrea.