JAM 2K18

2017 Settembre, 15 Venerdì 17:26

Meeting 14/9/2017

This meeting listed the set P (props) and Q (qualitas) that will almost probably be available in the first version of the game.

2017 Luglio, 30 Domenica 12:36

Meeting 13/7/2017

Discover what you've missed in our previous meeting. The topics of the meeting were the algorithm computing how much surface of a room should be allocated to lava and how to layout props inside a room.

2017 Luglio, 30 Domenica 12:34

Meeting 27/7/2017

The article contains a brief review on the previous 2 meetings. The 2 meetings focus their attention on the main part of the game: given a room where lava has been already placed, which prop should be added in the room? Which qualitas should be put onn each prop? How can we connect qualitas?

2017 Luglio, 11 Martedì 22:56

Riunione 6/7/2017
Referente Progetto: Bono Massimo

The following summarizes the JAM2018 meeting of today. Please read it carefully!