JAM 2K18

2017 Ottobre, 16 Lunedì 10:48

Meeting 12/10/2017
Referente Progetto: Bono Massimo

In this meeting we rearranged project objective. Read this carefully!

2017 Settembre, 29 Venerdì 10:28

Meeting 28/09/2017

In this meeting we have define all the remainder algorithms the videogame will use to create the logic. Read carefully!

2017 Settembre, 15 Venerdì 17:26

Meeting 14/9/2017

This meeting listed the set P (props) and Q (qualitas) that will almost probably be available in the first version of the game.

2017 Settembre, 4 Lunedì 13:41

Meeting 31/08/2017

In the following article, I will revivew the themes discussed in the previous meeting. The focus of such meeting was that to design the algorithm laying out the logic and the qualitas connections of the props added in a room