Meeting 12/10/2017

2017 Ottobre, 16 Lunedì 10:48

In this meeting we rearranged project objective. Read this carefully!

Referente Progetto: Bono Massimo

As some team member correctly pointed out, time constraints and effort were highly unbalanced in this project. Lots of member felt that the project was too "big and complex" to be easily carried out. They felt a bit "unskilled" for the project and felt like it was too stressful to carry it out. 


In order to address this real issues, the team decided to reduce the amount of work to carry out. The following points synthetize the new objectives of the project:

  1. version 1.0: the first version involves a single room. Such room will have some specific props and a specific qualitas graphs. However, qualitas graph, props position and room layout will be hardcoded. This means that we will have a qualitas graph nonetheless but such graph will be written by hand. In this way the data structure won't be changed by lots of Artificial intelligence work will be avoided;
  2. 18 January deadline is no more: this lead to the fact that the game will not be displayed to the JAM2018 no more. That deadline was considered too early;
  3. version 1.1: version 1.0 plus some prefabricated room in order to increase the randomness of the maze;
  4. version 1.2: version 1.1 but we have now a prefabricated maze where all the rooms have same dimension an size. The maze is laid out as a grid and the connections are picked at random (but preserve strong connectivity of the maze itself);
  5. version 1.3: added IA (generate casual link, prolog and so on).
  6. deadline: the deadline to solve every issue inside the "Backlog board" pipe is 01/11/2017;


If you have any suggestions, complaints or other stuff, please let me know!