Tutte le proposte presentate in Branch, ma mai realizzate.

2018 Marzo, 27 Martedì 13:57

Referente Progetto: Bono Massimo

Want to go deeper than ever in the JVM? This project may be the one just perfect for you!

2018 Gennaio, 4 Giovedì 10:12

Referente Progetto: Bono Massimo

This little project is aimed to generate knowledge about building automated chat bots with IBM's Watson APIs

2018 Febbraio, 2 Venerdì 13:51

Some members of the Student Branch of Brescia joined the Sumo Robot Competition last year (September 2017). They did a fine job with the first version of the software commanding the robot, but maybe this time we can achieve better!

2017 Novembre, 30 Giovedì 18:32

During the open day, the artificial intelligence research group usually exposes the planner developed. Usually the planner solves some PDDL problems, like rovers or blockworlds.

It would be awesome to have a GUI (made in Unity or in Unreal Engine) capable of showing the plan in action.