2018 Marzo, 27 Martedì 13:57

Want to go deeper than ever in the JVM? This project may be the one just perfect for you!

Referente Progetto: Bono Massimo

If introspection, reflection is usually one method to achieve it. It allows to manage Java concept (Class, Field, Method) within Java language. However, sometimes is needed much more introspection (JVMTI). What I want to is to execute arbitrary code whenever a field is accessed. This might be useful to generate a simple ODBMS within Java environment. 


Basically What I want to achieve is to manually fill a field from an external source (i.e. database) whenever a field is empty. You don't need to be involved in the database itself. Since this is the first step of the research (basically a study of validity) I need to understand whether using JVMTI can be used for the problem. So the initial step is to try to execute arbitrary C code whenever the program tries to access to a field.


  • Knowledge of Java (what is a class/field/method/interface/abstract/static/final);
  • Knowledge of C (you need to code JVMTI with C): in particular you need to know about functions, pointers, struct and so on;
  • Will to learn new stuff;
  • Will to read documentation;

What you'll achieve:

  • You'll help me investigate this interesting fields;
  • You will learn an aspect of java that rarely is learnt in University;
  • You'll improve your knowledge about C;
  • Lots of fun garantueed!

If you're interesting in the project email me via massimo.bono@ieeee.org