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This is the home page of the official site of the IEEE Student Branch of Brescia. Here you can find information about the fllowing activities: Questa è la home del sito ufficiale dell’IEEE Student Branch of Brescia. Di seguito è possibile trovare informazioni quali:

  • Active and filed projects;
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  • External events in which the Student Branch had helped to organise.

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Most Increased Membership Student Branch Award

We are really proud to announce that the IEEE Student Branch of Brescia has been awarded the prize as Most Increased Membership Student Branch, released by the IEEE Italy Section.


Thanks to the commitent of every single member of the association we manage to accomplish our goals. Despite the difficulties arisen by the emergency situation of past months the student branch has worked hard as always to carry on different activities, such as the Programma Arnaldo that for the first time had to be held from home.

The award acknowledges and gratifies the efforts we made in the past years. It states that we have really grown up since 2016, the year our association was born.

WCRC Phase 0 - Webinar



We are glad to announce the phase 0 of the CanSat project. This is the beginning, the response of the organizers to the current socio-political scenario in the light of on-going pandemic/lockdown due to Covid-19. All the academic institutions and universities worldwide have been under lockdown, the current adversity can be turned in to opporunity for the focused learning of space enthusiasts. The organizers have decided to conduct the following webinar in space engineering as a “transnational” activity.


The Webinar

The Webinar will start on 22nd June and it will lasts for five intensive days, until 26th June. There will be multiple presentations about different topics such as CanSats, CubeSats, PocketQubes and amny more. The presentations will be including quizzes. The Webinar will be hosted on the YouTube channel of the World CanSat Rocketry Competition and in the end all partecipants will be rewarder with a certificate of attendance.


The registration has to be done through the official site of the competition.

World Cansat Rocketry Competition



The World Cansat Rocketry Competition is an international project born from the collaboration of six different countries: Serbia, Italy, Canada, Tunisia and Perù. Basically, it’s a competition that challenges students from around the world in designing a cansat: a satellite with the size of a can. The european qualifications will be held in Italy, in Brescia, and the winners will have the opportunity to compete worldwide. The aim of the competition is to allow students to understand what are the challanges of project a satellite: from the initial design to the launch, done with a rocket in which the cansat will be placed in.

The launch

As mantioned above, the cansat will be plugged into a small rocket and will be launched up to 300 meters far in the sky. After reaching the maximum height, it will begin a1 slow descent thanks to a small parachute. During this phase the device will acquire atmospheric data like pressure and temperature using sensors built inside of it and it will transmit the data to the ground station.


Why should you take part of this competition?

The key work is progress. Scientific progress because space exploration represents the future for humanity, but also your personal progress: this competition allows you to acquire also the soft skills useful in the labour market, like problem solving and team-working skills.

Space exploration is one of the greatest adventures of all time and no nation can expect to lag behind in the space race. It is up to us, students, to shape the future of our planet. Aerospace progress is in our hands and humanity needs us, are you ready to take the challenge?

For detailed information see the official site of the competition.

CISB 2019


After the huge success of the first edition of the Conference of IEEE Student branch of Brescia (CISB), the student branch of Brescia decided to organize the second edition of CISB, CISB 2019! In this event, we will dive in the world of the computer science, thanks to the talks and workshops proposed by our speakers!


CISB 2019 will take place on December 5, 2019. We will held the whole event in room “Aula Consiliare”, within Universià degli Studi di Brescia, Engineering section.


We will open the room at 9AM (Italy time) by a small introduction of our IEEE branch. The Chair of the student branch will be the speaker of such (small) presentation. At the moment the schedule is the following one:

09:30 - Matteo Olivato in ‘Deep Learning e Cyber Security’

11:00 - Massimo Bono in ‘Configuration of algorithms via Python’

After the lunch break:

13:30 - Dario Pellegrini in ‘SwiftUI’

14:30 - Simone Caldarella will be the speaker of the workshop ‘Smile vs not-smile: real time classification with Machine Learning’

If you are interested in a certain topic (especially if you don’t know anything about it!) we highly suggest you to participate in the event! If you already have some knowledge on a certain topic, why not joining CISB 2019? It’s good way to improve your knowledge or to make connections with other people interested in the same topic!

Click here to register to the event!